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Jessica Amparo, FL.


What can I say! You have changed my life! I know what you are probably saying to yourself right now, "You and God did the work, I was there assisting when asked of me from God and Yeshua/Jesus!" And I love you even more for this, because of your humility, faith, and love for God! I too give Glory to God, but you deserve to be acknowledged for your gifts, talents, the love and support you give to me and all of your clients, and even more so for the profound shifts that have happened for me since we started working together!


I would like to share with everyone reading this right now, that Jewels is an Angel sent from God to me. I had 4 sessions with Jewels in a 1 month time period, and I haven't been the same since! I am so much more grounded and confident, I am remembering who I am more and more every day, and I have more love and compassion for myself than I have ever had in my life!


The tools she has taught me empower me; she reminds me of how incredibly powerful I am, and that I can continue this healing journey on my own with God and Yeshua/Jesus of course, as we are never alone.


After the sessions with Jewels, my codependency (templates) were highlighted greatly! And I am working on this every day! Reminding myself that I can do this, reminding myself that with God and Yeshua/Jesus nothing can touch me or hurt me. My fears have dissipated greatly, and anxiety has been non-existent. I am in my power more than ever and speaking my truth no matter what, not caring of what others may think of me. This alone is a tremendous shift; I have lived my life in shackles, biting my tongue, afraid that what I have to say doesn't matter, afraid of sounding stupid, and afraid of losing people dear to me and losing people I don't even know if I shared my deepest thoughts and beliefs. I am sobbing right now as I write this because it hurts to think I've lived my life like this. I have kept myself in prison, living with enormous amounts of fear no one should ever endure.


I AM FREE! And Jewels you helped me get here, and you deserve all the kudos and accolades. I love you so so much, more than I could ever express into words! You are my friend and soul sister, and I will be forever grateful to you and God and Yeshua/Jesus of course!


P.S. Well, apparently I had plenty to say! LOL, That group clearing you did yesterday really opened up my communication channels! Hahaha LOL! I love you!


Kalen Dion, CA.

Put simply, Jewels is love. Jewels is pure love. That is what she works with, that is what she helps you create space for more of in your life, and that is what she is. She is the healer that other healers go to when they need healing. 


Every word, every sound, whether a reading, a guided meditation, a cleansing, or as is often the case, a combination of all three, is done with meticulous precision and care. The imagery is vivid and stays with you long after your session, often inspiring imagery of your own. Nothing she works on is done half way. 


I trust jewels wholeheartedly, but that is common. She has a way about her that makes her easy to trust. Easy to work with. If you are a believer, the results will reinforce your belief... if you are a non-believer, you are about to become believer. 


Leave your baggage at the door. No preconceived notions. No weight. No pretentiousness. No ponderances. The results speak for themselves. 


Put simply, Jewels is love. Jewels is pure love. She is the healer that other healers go to when they need healing.

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Kaitlin Sanchez, IL.


Words cannot truly describe how amazing Jewels is. We recently had a very scary event happen with a family member and felt as if we were running out of options. I reached out to Jewels because my mother had been to her before and sang her praises - well boy was she right (as always). Jewels was able to fix our problem in one session and actually helped with more than intended. The difference that has been made since our time with her, just two days ago, is immense. We are so grateful for Jewels and the gift God has blessed her with. Our hearts are filled with so much love. Thank you a million times over Jewels. We love you.


Honesty Howard, CA.


My Psychic Coaching & Healing session with Jewels was SO amazing! The reading she gave me shed so much light on my life. I had just confronted my perpetrator, was feeling really afraid and raw... and Jewels brought so much peace and clarity to my situation. If it weren’t for this reflection I would have been so resistant and making wrong everything that I was going through within my family. My absolute favorite part of the session was the prayer Jewels plays at the end. I immediately had a deep emotional release and strongly felt the presence of Yeshua and Magdalene holding me while I wept. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. By the end of our session I was back in my power, out of my story, clear, and most of all trusting in my process. If it weren’t for establishing this clarity and trust I would NOT have made it this far in my healing. My session with Jewels was such a pivotal point in my life, and anyone who receives Jewels medicine is truly truly blessed! 


B. Rose, WA.


I am a client and also enrolled in Jewels' Diamond Heart Mentorship, and I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that Jewels is truly an angel on Earth. Before I started working with her I was so confused and scared about life. My anxiety and depression were crippling and I didn’t even know what way was up or why.  During our first session Jewels did an energetic clearing and literally broke the shackles off of me. I instantly felt better, but I really saw the changes after putting in place the practices that she advised me to. I have found meaning in my life. Not only has my body made a complete transformation (who would have thought), but my mind is mine again. I have a much deeper connection to myself and Spirit and I don’t know where I would be now if it weren’t for her gifts. Jewels, I just want to say thank you so much and God bless you and the work that you do. If any of you are struggling internally and you don’t know why, I implore you to make an appointment. You owe it to yourself and we owe it to each other to raise our vibe and heal the world.

Diamond Heart Mentorship Testimonial Video

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