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Where are you, Jim?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I wrote and self-published a novel years ago, telling the (partly fictional) story of my coming of age. It was at times extremely uncomfortable to write -- to face the awkwardness, pain, rejection, and so on -- but I really felt as though I had little choice if I was going to live a life which fulfills my purpose. God asked me to write it. God wants me to boldly go forward and share my stories, because we've lost touch with the original essence of storytelling. We've lost touch with the myth that leads to freedom, clarity, enlightenment, and so on. Our heroes are now gun-toting men who say very little, and kill a lot. Our heroines are women who have the "best" fucking eyebrows. I had been and continue to be asked to tell my stories the way Spirit sees fit because we all need some serious reminders, and some serious de-brainwashing. We need to know that magick is real. That anything is possible. That we are holy. That we are powerful. And that we each posses within us the codes for activating our purpose, missions, and light.

I have put a fair amount of energy getting my book out there, but nothing monumental. I don't really have the resources. Which is fine. I trust that my book will reach the people it is meant to. I do have friends, though, who have also put time and energy into helping my book get out there. One in particular is my dear friend, Water Fire, who I met 12 years ago in Hawai'i. We shared a yurt together in the jungles of Puna, and taught each other a lot. He used to ask me to go into a trance and contact dead musicians, like Jimi Hendrix. We were and are good friends, who also occasionally drove each other crazy back in those days (a Libra/Virgo phenomenon that happens whilst living in close quarters). Over the years, he has attempted to connect me and my book with people in the publishing and movie industries, for which I am deeply thankful. He is a true ally.

So, a couple years ago I was a part of a 30 day manifestation group. It was a fun program, involving zeroing in on my dream life, and what that looks like, along with taking practical steps to bring these dreams into the current reality. On one particular day, the group participated in a guided meditation in which we, without attachment, witnessed our dream life in action. What I saw surprised me; After taking a walk-through of my dream home and beautiful sustainable farm, I was told that I would be travelling to an event that was a "big deal" for my career. I was swept away to a very large room with a very high glass vaulted ceiling, almost like a glass cathedral. There was a double-sided staircase, and I was standing at the top, wearing a gown and drinking champagne, with my husband beside me. I looked around, and there were hundreds of people there celebrating. On the walls were giant posters of my book cover, and I was approached numerous times to sign copies of my book. It was just about as extra and fancy as one could imagine.

After that, I was guided back to my dream home, and told that I was to receive a phone call with exciting news. I saw myself sitting in my stupendously plush bed with my husband, when my phone rang. I picked it up and on the other line was Jim Carrey. He told me that he had read my book and loved it, and that he wanted to help me make my book series into a series of movies. He said he would like to meet up, and get the ball rolling. The next image that came to me was my husband and I sitting on Jim's floor in his home, in a circle, passing a joint around, and laughing about the ridiculous awkwardness of the protagonist in my book, and then going deep about spiritual philosophy.

I came out of the meditation with goosebumps all over me, and my eyes were welled with tears. It was very real. I don't have any over-the-top fangirl thing going on with Jim Carrey. I do impersonate him as Ace Ventura from time to time (since I was 10), and I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but he's not a person who occupies my mind in general. That made it seem like this vision carried some real weight. And it's interesting, because I am resonating with some of the information I've seen from time to time that Jim has been sharing in recent years, though not all of it. And I recognize that he is moving through his own awakening, and honor his process. I see that he has been a seeker for many years, and it is nice to see this in the "main stream."

So in the coming months after this guided meditation, I was hanging herbs to dry near my window box. Just then, with a wave of holy chills, Jim Carrey's face appeared before me in a vision. His eyes were glassy, and he seemed to recognize me. He told me that he too has come forth this lifetime to help spread Christ Consciousness all over the world. I burst into tears and told him, "thank you," while feeling winded. I didn't know what to make of that.

Then a couple weeks later, I was asked if I'd be willing to trade a Psychic Coaching and Healing session for some Shamanic Dream Work. I got that this was a good idea. When this powerful woman called me to tell me of the dream she was given for me, she first spoke of a large glass room with high ceilings. She then told me it was a gala of sorts, and if I remember correctly, of the double staircase. She said that I was wearing a gown and laughing, and that she couldn't see his face, but that an actor was standing beside me with his back turned to her, laughing as well. I asked her if it was Jim Carrey, and she said, "Oh, I think it was!" She then looked down to the lower level of the grand room, and saw a small stream of water carrying the pages of my book. Water. Carrying my book. Like my friend, Water. Whoa.

So that obviously blew my mind. What did it all meeeaaannn?!!

Another year or 2 passed after that, and like it so often happens, I became a bit obsessed with research of a certain topic. This time, I was determined to find out a bit about my Scottish lineage through the McPhee line. My great-great-grandfather's name was Angus McPhee, and he came to the United States of America, had Martha McPhee, who then birthed my grandmother, Betty. As you may know from my previous writings, I am deeply connected and moved by Scottish, English, Irish, and Welsh cultures and history. I am called by my ancestors and the land there. As I was reading about the locations the McPhee (also known as MacFie, McFee, MacDuffy, etc...) clan lived along the Western Highland Isles, Water Fire called me out of the blue to tell me he was on his way to Scotland! He told me God was sending him there, and that he would be traveling to the Isle of Skye! This is one of the isles my ancestors lived! I told him how significant this felt to me, and upon prompting from my intuition, asked if he would select a rock, with permission from the land, and send it to me. He agreed.

He called me once he was there, and told me that he could feel me there, strongly. He hiked for hours in the rain and mud and cold mist, alone, to reach the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. Once there, he asked the land and God if he could take 3 rocks; one for him, one for our mutual friend, and one for me. He said he heard, clear as day, "Only Jewels." He walked where he was guided, to the edge of one of the blue pools, and reached his hand down. A small, somewhat sharp rock broke off of the boulder beside him. He had found my rock. He joked later while we were speaking that maybe now he'll just go on holy quests for me to collect sacred objects from now on. This made me laugh so hard. Water had taken videos of his entire journey for me, and I cried almost every minute of it. My soul was crying out for this land. When he called to tell me he'd found my rock, I had just found out that McPhee was actually MacDhubhshith in Gaelic (it's origins), and translates to "dark-featured faery." And there Water was, getting my rock from the Fairy Pools from the land of my ancestors.

A couple days later, I received a shocking message from Water, who was readying to leave Scotland, and return home. "Guess who's related to Jim Carrey?" he wrote.

My heart stopped for a moment, then began pounding. "Who? You?!!!!" I wrote, suddenly realizing that they do look somewhat alike. And their voices are similar. And they are both giant goofballs.

It turns out that Water and Jim share a common ancestor from a few generations back, from French Canada, and are not first cousins, but not too far removed. He had just taken a DNA test and also had found out about this distant relative, and with research put it together.

Seriously, what does it all mean?! My inner child is just bursting to know, and my Higher Self is just like, "patience, child." I guess I'll just keep writing in faith, putting my work out there, and adding to the 2nd book in my series, with trust that all of this will add up to something incredible -- while recognizing how incredible all of this synchronicity truly is. So I guess I only have one question left...Where are you, Jim?

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