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There have been moments in my life that are completely unexplainable by modern methods of logic, though science, in certain regards, does seem to be catching up with what I'm about to share. Ever jumped from one reality into another, in such an inexplicable way that it cannot be mistaken or ignored? I have. Many times. Here are the 4 strongest ones. (Yes, some of y'all might think I'm bat-shit crazy for what I'm about to convey here, and I'm fine with that if that's the case. So be it. I'm looking forward to becoming that crazy-magickal-awesome old lady that is steeped in mischief and mystery. Might as well start now.)

1. Hopscotch Portal:

I was jumping around on a hopscotch one afternoon in kindergarten, playing alone during recess. I was around 5 years old at the time, and quite franky, adorable (think Shirley Temple with extra cuteness sprinkles). I looked up, and saw one of my friends over on the playground across from me, running through the sand, toward one of the various towers, past the other 15 or so children running around and screaming. She was just climbing up the side of a tower when she noticed me looking at her and waved. I smiled and waved back, and looked at the other children loudly playing. Then, a moment later I blinked --- ONE time ---- and when I opened my eyes a nanosecond later, the playground before me was empty and silent. I looked around the rest of the grounds, rubbing my eyes, and was shocked by the fact that the whole thing was empty. The next play area over, with the swing sets and monkey bars, was completely deserted. Each swing was perfectly still, though a moment before I could hear the sqeaking of them as they flew back and forth. The handball courts were empty, and so was the tetherball zone. I turned around a moment later, and ran for the doors that led to my classroom, and when I got there, I found my classmates sitting at tables, working on some art project. My teacher asked me where I had been and told me I was 10 minutes late. Wait....What? I couldn't quite compute that at the time, so I just went and sat down, joining my classmates. Time travel much? Or something else? Seriously, I'm open to interpretations.

2. Spinning and Star Trek

It was Easter and I was 8, maybe older. My Dad's side of the family was together at a movie theater, watching the latest Star Trek movie, because what's a better way to honor the Resurrection of Christ than that? (Jokes jokes. My family is rad, and so is Star Trek. And Jesus/Yeshua is chill.) So years after this experience, in my 20's, I came to the conclusion that there must have been a trigger word that created the wild ride I experienced while in that theater. It had been suggested by a person in my life who had worked above the top-secret level for a government agency, and it just resonated when they said it. That person also said it sounded like I was trying to jump dimensions, but didn't make it. What they described made perfect sense to me somehow, but during this disorienting moment as a young child, I honestly thought I might be dying. It's unclear what I witnessed, or what was activated in the moments leading up this, but after a certain point about half-way through the movie, I had to clutch the arm rests of my seat, because the entire theater was spining around me. It was like going from 0-60 in 1 second. As I hung on to my seat, feeling as though I might catapult out of it at any second, I looked over to my right, where my Mother was sitting, and saw her face flying past me every other moment.

"" I asked shakily.

"Do..I..feel..what"? She whispered back, as her face flashed before mine again and again.

I clutched the arm rests of my seat tighter, wishing it would stop, and a moment later it did. It couldn't have lasted more than 15 seconds total, but they were the wildest 15 seconds I had ever encountered up to that point. I finished the movie trying to act like everything was just dandy, while adrenaline pumped through my body.

3. The Minivan Apparition

Right after I got my driver's license, I was on my way to pick up a friend in The Deisel Demon -- the 1979 Mercedes 240 D my dad had passed down to me on my 16th birthday. I was jamming out to Bikini Kill and rounding the corner from my street to the next street down the hill. I turned right and came to a stop sign. I looked both ways, and then again, like I usually do. I pulled out onto the road, and before I could even turn the wheel to veer left, a blue minivan appeared about 10 feet away from my car, going fast. I didn't have time to think and just reacted, stepped hard on the gas, and wrenching the wheel to skid out of the way. The minivan carried on and I just sat in the Deisel Demon in the middle of the road, dumbfounded with girl punk blaring in the background. It was a real "now you DON'T see me, now you DO" kinda situation. I still question if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I can remember that empty road clear as day, and that minivan suddenly racing toward me from feet away. Is there a teleportation portal in Irvine, California? I still wonder to this day.

4. The Freeway Jump

I was 20 years old, and had been living in Simi Valley, California while I went to hypnotherapy school. Every weekend or so I would drive down to Orange County to visit my parents and my boyfriend at the time. I would alternate my route, sometimes taking the 118 to the 405, and other times taking the 118 past the 405 and onto the 5 freeway. This particular day, I passed the 405, mainly because I noticed bumper to bumper traffic, and also because the 5 would spit me out closer to my parents' house -- my first destination that day. This was an ancient time before smartphones and Google Maps. I got onto the 5 and was flipping through radio stations until I found a song I liked. I drove for about 10 minutes or so and a certain song came on, though for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. I feel like it might have been a Bush song....then....everything went fuzzy. I don't know how much time went by. I lost time. It was like a deep trance and then black. I came back into awareness and was immediately confused and scared. Wtf happened? I had been on the 5 south for a very short time and now I was on the 405, many miles down the road, just crossing into Orange County, which would ordinarily take an hour or more. And the strangest part was that the same song was still playing on the radio. I honestly can't remember what happened afterwards ---- I was kind of in a fog for the next couple days. My friend I mentioned above who had been high up in government said that it sounded like I may have gotten abducted, but that never felt like the right fit.

I'm super open to hearing your interpretations, as long as you're not a troll, and then I want to hear nothing*. Feel free to drop your comments below, and I want to hear your mind-blowing experiences as well!


Cover Art By: Mr. Linky

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