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The Exorcism

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Yes, you read that title correctly. Today I shall tell you of the most potent exorcism I have ever had the excruciating honor of performing. This was not the first time, which took place 14 years ago, on a cloudy day, where with much less wisdom and practice, I attempted and succeeded with the help of 4 other women who created a circle around us, chanting "Shanti". On that occasion, I had pulled 7 demons out of a young lady, a recovering addict, not much younger than myself, and handed them to the Light. The moment the 7th demon came out and was sent back to God, the clouds parted and the day became sunny. But this is a much more frightening story.

5 years ago, I was just starting to make myself known for my unusual set of skills on social media, and was having a blessed experience connecting with new people and being of service. Word traveled via these magickal technologies, and soon I had people from all over the world reaching out to me. One day while home alone with my toddler (who was thankfully napping at the time), I received a message from a woman in Scotland, asking desperately for my help. She explained that her daughter, who was maybe 10 or 11 at the time, was possessed. She sent me a picture of a young girl, whose eyes had turned black, with slashes on her arms. It shook me to the core. She told me that her daughter had picked her up, a full grown woman, and thrown her across the room, with little effort, and that her voice was not her own. Consequently, she had been forced to tie her daughter down on the bed while she sought help. And help was non-existent, for she lived on a very small island off the coast of Scotland, and expressed that she had no one to help her after I recommended a local Priest or Priestess.

I immediately started to sweat and my heart was pounding. This was far more intense than anything I had attempted to help in the healing department, but there was no way I wasn't going to try. A few messages exchanged back and forth, and I had been given consent to help as best I could, and asked this Mama to hold tight. I went into my Prayer Meditation with extreme focus. As my consciousness shot from my body and up into the realm of pure God Consciousness, a heat wave ran over my body, and I began to shake. Every cell of my being was crying out for Spirit's help; this little girl, this innocent child, must come back to herself.

I witnessed a dark cloud around the girl while in this space, and commanded that God remove it. I commanded that God heal this girl, in the highest, best, and gentlest ways possible. I watched the cloud lift, and behind it, saw the demon, plugged into the child through various cords, and feeding off of her. It laughed at me, and continued feeding ravenously. I then came out of the meditation, and asked the woman to call me, which took some creative solutions. Finally I could hear the woman's voice, and the sounds of both a young girl and something that sounded not quite human in the background. This, I feel, added the much needed power of resolve to the task at hand. I told her to breath and visualize golden light filling the house, as I went back into the meditative state.

With sweat dripping down my face, I ascended back into the space of pure God Consciousness, this time with more resolve than ever. From the depths of my heart, from the core of my soul, I screamed to God to save the child, and remove the demon, sending it back to the light. This time, I was shown the house in which the mother and child dwelled. I was handed a broom, and behind me, the fullness of Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene appeared, with their brooms in hand. On the phone, the mother cried out that the house smelled strongly of sulphur, and was very frightened. I told her to keep filling the house with light and reminded her that she was powerful. Then Yeshua and Mary began sweeping the entire house, as did I, as I watched God's light wash over the girl and the demon. One by one, the plugs leading into the girl from the demon were removed, and the empty spaces left behind, filled with golden light. Then the light washed over the demon; a frail, charred looking creature, who once the light was shined upon him, looked rather weak and scared as well.

I looked at him and said, "You are no longer welcome here. You are returning to God's light. To love. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! LEAVE THIS LITTLE GIRL ALONE! OUT!!"

Yeshua and Mary stood beside me, and we merged into one being of light, racing toward the demon. Just then, the mother cried out over the phone, "She just vomited halfway across the room!" Which I could hear very distinctly in the background.

As the three of us rushed the demon, God's light became brighter and more golden than ever, and penetrated the demon, transforming him into a young man, not much older than 20, who looked very sad and appeared to be a soldier because of his dress. He thanked the three of us in a fit of sobs, and left the space, going up into a portal of light that Spirit had created for him, returning Home.

Just then, I heard the mama say she was going to be sick, followed by a loud splatter. When she returned to speak to me, I could hear the young girl crying for her mother. The mama said, "Her eyes are back to normal! And the smell of sulphur is gone!"

I heard what sounded like the young girl being freed from her bonds, and crying and hugging her mother. I told her mother that the demon had been sent Home by Spirit, and that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had helped me. "I've always loved Mary Magdalene, ever since I was a little girl," she said in her beautiful Scottish accent.

"Me, too," I said.

And not a few moments after a thankful and tearful farewell with the mother and child, my sleeping toddler awakened, hungry and ready to play, as I lay in a sweaty heap on the floor.

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