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Thank Her

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Are you alive? Do you have a body? Are you reading this right now? Then you may go ahead and thank a woman. Do you have friends, lovers, siblings, partners, children? You can thank a woman for them, too. Maybe you can even thank yourself!

Regardless of her character, regardless of her status, regardless of her mental or physical health, regardless of the endless possibilities that constitute what makes us human, a woman is to thank for you being here. She carried you in her body. She grew you from her own blood and bones. She was more challenged than you could ever imagine (unless you're a mother --- then I'm sure you're pretty fucking clear) by the all-encompassing transformative process of bringing your body and soul into this world.

So STOP ABUSING HER. Stop telling her she isn't good enough. Stop trying to minimize her. Stop demanding her obedience. Stop attempting to quell her power and intuition. Stop treating her like property. Stop objectifying her.

To be a woman is to be bestowed the potential to bring actual LIFE into this world; the same life that fuels you. If you care for your life, thank her. If you are thankful for this existence, thank her. If you can think and feel and draw breath and bleed, thank her.

Every single* day women are penalized for being mothers; for breast-feeding, for bottle-feeding, for working, for being stay-at-home moms, for taking up space with their children, for speaking, for breathing, for existing...for being biologically and chromosomally female. Look it up. Every day women are straight up penalized just for being women. All over the world. And for this I give great thanks to the men who act as protectors to her (the most sacred of responsibilities). Who rise up in the highest expression of love to shield her; she who has the potential to give birth to life. She who leads us through the mystical realms. She who brings forth prophecies and ecstasy to those she aligns with. She who brings God to Earth through her womb.

And let's think about something. When male in female come together in love and consent (in whatever physical form this takes place), God and Heaven on Earth are literally created, through the vibrations emanated, and through the children as well. For Spirit is the perfect balance of both the female principle (loving emotion and receptivity) and the male principal (loving intelligence and giving), both of which exist in all of us to varying degrees.

Who and what does not benefit from us bringing heaven to earth? Who profits from us being ever-at-odds and at war with each other? Who doesn't want us to find balance within our own internal masculine and feminine? Please think about that.

As a dear friend has recently said to me, "If we are ever going to create the world we're striving for, we need to center mothers and caregivers, and value them accordingly as the givers of life and the nurturers of the world."

Does this apply to every woman who has chosen (or not chosen) to be a mother? Yes. Whatever your experience with your biological mother, this goes way beyond that. Can you look past your own upbringing if it was deeply traumatic and see the bigger picture of what I'm trying to get across here?

We cannot sustain our collective experience with the current model. We are all, on such a deep level, calling out for the Mother. We are all calling out for her nurturing and abundance. We are calling out to be held. In truth, we are calling out for the Mother who lives inside of all of us; the Divine Feminine who has been minimized and silenced for millennia. She is silenced each time someone says, "You're too sensitive and overly emotional --- use your head..." And, "Well that's not very logical, let me explain it to you simply..." As if we mothers and women need the extra pressure of living up to someone else's expectations of how we should be and what we should think.

There isn't one way to do this --- change the modern paradigms. I can't tell you what you need to do. All I know is that we MUST come to a place where women and mothers across the world feel safe being just that; women. And Mothers. And it starts with listening to her. It starts with protecting her in reverence. It starts with being kinder to each other. It starts when we decide to be nurturers ourselves. It starts when we choose love. It starts when we connect to the Earth and all of the many lessons she has to instill, if only we would listen. It starts with listening to the Grandmothers. And it starts when we truly* thank her.

Artwork by: Katherine Skaggs

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