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Rainbow Head

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

It was a rainy morning on the big island of Hawai'i. I had been living in lower Puna, in a tent in the mud, for about 4 months. I had moved there with my twin soul, Zackary, and every day something seemed to blow my mind. The veil between worlds is very thin there, and even those who do not believe in signs, or have never seen a spirit or beings from another dimension, frequently witness these things when they are there. So you can probably imagine as a couple of psychics, Zackary and I were steeped in mysterious and magickal moments...often.

This particular morning, after rising from our tents and wiping the sleep from our eyes, we both decided to head to Kehena beach for the day; a local gathering place for naked hippies and tough locals. As we drove in our beat up old station wagon (who we both believed ran entirely on reiki and golden light), both of us had a feeling emerging from our hearts. We confirmed that we were both feeling joyfully expectant that day, and that our powers of manifestation were extra strong for some reason. We carried this joyful feeling down the steep trail to the black sand beach, and found a place to set up there. The rains came and went, replaced by brilliant sunshine, just like it usually did. As it was said to me many times, "if you don't like the weather in Puna, just wait 10 minutes."

When we sat down, we were greeted by a woman several feet away, tan, naked and golden, basking in the sun. She smiled at us, and we immediately felt as though we were entering a sacred circle. For the next couple hours, this woman shared wisdom that was extremely relevant to both of us at that time, and spoke very much of the power of manifestation, and how she utilized it. We were buzzing by the end of our time with her.

After that we spent our day dipping in the choppy water, and hanging out on the beach, surrounded by clouds of pot smoke and lots of free spirited people who were enjoying themselves (I often thought of Kehena as a perpetual state of 1969). As we were getting ready to leave, a group of 3 people we had met a number of times previously asked if they could hitch a ride to town. We said yes, climbed up the steep trail and back to the station wagon.

As we were cruising down the Red Road --an enchanted and lush road along the eastern coast -- we came out of a shadowy portion of thick jungle, and into a clearing where the ocean was just below the cliffs beside us. One of the men in the back of the car looked over to the water, and yelled, "Check it out! A double rainbow!"

Across the deep blue water, was the full arch of two rainbows, one above the other.

"We should pull over," Zackary said.

I pulled the station wagon over to a lookout spot and parked. We all jumped out of the car and watched the most vibrant rainbows I had ever seen. Slowly, the second rainbow faded, and the other rainbow began to move. With wide eyes, we watched as one end of the rainbow began moving in our direction.

"Whoa, you can see the rainbow below the water," another man said.

And there, just a few yards away in the wild blue ocean below, the end of the rainbow could be clearly seen several feet below the surface. I knew that a rainbow was actually a full circle, but I had never seen evidence of it until that point. Then my heart began to beat in such a potent way, like a powerful drum was just below the surface of my chest; the rainbow's end was headed right for us.

The 5 of us began to howl and cry out as the end of the rainbow encircled us. The energy coming off of it was palpable. I felt as though God was hugging all of us. With tears streaming down our faces, we danced in the colorful light, overjoyed by the power of this moment. There really were no words to describe that feeling...

So later that year, Zackary moved back to California to follow his heart. I was on my own, truly, for the first time in my life. I had never felt so free, so independent, so confident, or so content with myself. My wild curls had turned into dreadlocks after living the tent and tarp structure life in the jungle, and I had braided rainbow yarn around them to help them keep their shape, and because, obviously, it was pretty. I had moved to a 16 acre free state and farm called Sumland, and was happy every day. I lived on this beautiful and wild land with a number of other people, and quite frequently we would take little day trips together to local swim spots.

One day, I went to the Mermaid Ponds with a few of my land mates and some other friends. As we were basking in the sun, and wading in the pools that overlooked the vast and mysterious Mama ocean, we noticed a rainbow forming out on the water. My heart fluttered slightly at the sight, somewhat reminded of the time earlier in the year that I had been embraced by the rainbow's end.

"You look like a mermaid," one of my girlfriends had said.

I giggled and said, "so do you!"

My friend was sitting at the edge of the pool on some rocks, and I was lying on my back, floating in the shallow water, taking deep breaths, and in general feeling incredibly blessed to live in such a beautiful and wonderous place.

"Jewels! Hey, Jewels!" my girlfriend said with a big smile on her face.

I stood up in the pool, and looked over to her, and she was smiling widely. "You're in the end of the rainbow!" she pronounced. "A rainbow for your rainbow head!"

A strange sensation washed over me. Was this a regular thing for people? It felt very significant. It felt like God was trying to tell me something, but what?

I crouched down into the pool once more, and breathed deeply, wrapped in colorful light. I felt a little self-conscious and something else...on the spot? Embarrassed? Guilty for having such miraculous things happen to me so often? Witnessed in the most vulnerable and uncontrollable way. That was it. I had no control, and I was literally in the middle of Spirit's spotlight...

I have spent years pondering these two incredible rainbow experiences, and at this point, after so much time and energy invested in my personal healing work and self-reflection, the message is crystal clear: I am the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. I am the one I've been searching for. I am the key to my own transformation, just as the rainbow transforms elements of light and dark into a spectrum of beautiful light. Just like everyone else. We are our own saviors, our own tickets to freedom, our own divine lovers, and the keys to our own happiness. Each of us is at the end of our own metaphorical rainbow.

Photograph By: Unknown

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