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Pyramid of the Sun

For those of you that know me well, you understand how high-key obsessed I am with British, Scottish, and Irish cultures (and there's a chance I speak with their various accents at least 1/4 of my day, sometimes without even noticing).These are the lands of many of my ancestors, and I feel them calling me in my bones. Harry Potter for Life, yo. Take me to the Scottish Highlands and leave me there, say, forever. Or perhaps drop me off on the cliffsides of Ireland, beside the ocean, surrounded by green rolling hills, a flock of sheep, and a sweet old man with a beard and pipe. I'd be straight giddy. A large part of me literally wants to live in the book "The Mists of Avalon" and part the mists in Glastonbury to go train with the Druids and Priestesses beside the Tor. If you know me well, you also know that pretty much every night for the entirety of my life I can remember, I dream....beyond vividly, and oftentimes, prophetically.

Sometimes the synchronicities in my life are so vivid --- so surreal -- I am left in a whirlwind. Do you ever feel like that? I'm sure you do. And if you don't, maybe you haven't been paying attention. Aside from the fact that I am occasionally overwhelmed by the interconnectedness of seemingly random experiences and dreams, at this point on my journey, I am aware that synchronicity is in fact Spirit's direct confirmation that I am "on mission," or following my soul's purpose here. This is one series of threads that weaves together my mission.

So about 8 years ago, while I was still living in Hawai'i, I had a dream. I was inside of a large chamber made of stone, and kept finding different openings within the chamber which led to different rooms, forming a strange labyrinth. Some of the physical aspects of the various rooms I entered didn't make much sense, as there were stairs coming out from the sides of the walls, and furniture was on the ceiling, and other things that didn't seem possible. I wove my way alone through this dimly lit labyrinth, occasionally catching glimpses of strangely angled light, and hearing distant sounds. I eventually made my way out of the structure up a ladder, and ended up on top of a flat-topped pyramid. I was looking all around me at an ancient city. Then, a moment later, lightning struck the top of my head, and I woke up. The dream stayed with me a long time and I waited for years to connect another dot to it...

Then about 3 or 4 years ago, I was dreaming. I was floating above an old, pale map of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. It was detailed with green ink, and had wrinkles and fold marks. I then began descending downwards toward the map, and eventually it became real land. I landed somewhere in Ireland, went down a tube, and wound up underground in a giant tunnel with a waterway. There, standing on a rock or piece of concrete was a man, looking right at me, and gesturing me to follow him. As I got closer, I noticed that he had one blue eye and one brown eye. I followed him down a separate tunnel offshoot, and the dream changed...

So then a couple years ago, I was taking a shower. It is very common for me, when my children aren't screaming for me to get out, to receive messages as I bathe or cleanse. Well this time, I suddenly saw the actor Billy Crystal in my mind, and was particularly focused on his name. I just kept hearing the name on repeat in my mind.

"I wonder why he chose this as his stage name?" I thought to myself.

A couple weeks later, a client of mine said that he wanted to refer his friend to work with me, who was visiting temporarily. I said yes, and shortly thereafter, I received a message from a man named Bill, and we scheduled a session. A few days later, Bill came over for his session, and within moments of hearing him, I gathered that he was from England. As he came closer, I began to recognize him somehow, though we had never met before. There was something oddly familiar about him.

As the session began, and carried on, my heart suddenly fluttered when I caught a clear view of his eyes; one brown, one blue. I flashed back to the dream in the tunnel under Ireland, and realized that he was the man from that dream. I told him, and we both wondered what it meant. By the end of the session, I felt like I was parting ways with an old friend. I asked him if he had Facebook.

"Yeah, it's under Billy Crystal," he said with a little laugh.

This made me gasp, and I told him about my pondering that name just a week before. I then asked him where he lives in England, and it turns out that he is only about a 30 minute drive from Glastonbury....a place that my heart longs to go to in a way I cannot describe.

Since that day, Bill has been a regular client and a friend. We have had many deep experiences together, and I have been given several dreams with him in them, usually in some underground place. At the conclusion of one particular session, our connection became more clear to me. During the Prayer Meditation Healing I facilitate at the end of most sessions, I was shown that Bill, like me, is a being who comes from the time of Yeshua/Jesus, and is here to help repair the Christ Consciousness Grid, just as I am, and just as many of you are. Or in other words, here to bring in and anchor down Heaven on Earth.

A short while later, Bill contacted me to tell me all about his recent travels to Bosnia, and the experience he had with the Pyramid of the Sun. He had climbed it during a storm, and watched from the flat top of the pyramid all of the storm clouds flashing with the electricity of lightning, far above the city below. At some point, lightning struck very close to him, and he was electrocuted through the top of his head. My heart nearly stopped when he told me. I explained all about my dream, including the bizarre labyrinth I wove my way through to get to the top.

"That's what they call the inside of this pyramid! The labyrinth!" he said.

My mind and heart were blown by this. And I still can't help but wonder what it all means. Since then, I have been told by God that I am to go to Glastonbury to help with the Grid there, that I will receive or facilitate a great healing near there in a stone circle, and that Bill will be involved. Bill actually just traveled to the Sacred Well in Glastonbury, and said prayers on my behalf there. I am so thankful for our connection, and for this direct link to my ancestral lands. So I'll just be waiting patiently over here for Spirit to line this all up as I prepare myself, and keep giving thanks for all of the magickal connections and synchronicities in my life.

Thanks and praises to the Most High!

Photograph By: Unknown

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