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Miracle Frog

A few years ago, my family and I were visiting a friend and her sweet children on their land in Penn Valley, California. Their stunning home was perched atop a hill overlooking the lake below. A Koi pond with a trickling waterfall and bright purple pops of color could be seen from the various Wisterias planted around the yard. There was a garden growing food, and a barn with an apartment above it that my family and I had yet to see. Our eldest daughter chased around our friend's son, proclaiming him, "my boy!" My friend's daughter was a bit shy, and so sweet; making art seemed to be her happy place, and I delighted in seeing her creations.

As the afternoon carried on, my friend offered to show us the apartment above the barn. We walked along the driveway and ascended a very steep staircase to reach the apartment perched above the massive structure. I held my daughter's hand as we climbed as to make sure she wouldn't fall the 20 feet or so down the stairs. The apartment was surprisingly sleek and beautiful, and all of my Libra senses were tingling. Then something caught our eyes, and ears; a little frog was hoping along on the floor in the kitchen, merrily going about her way.

My friend then picked her up and gently placed her on the front porch, which overlooked the house and the rest of the beautiful land. A moment later, before any of us could do anything, that little frog leapt off of the balcony, followed by gasping sounds from each of us. I ran over to the edge of the balcony and looked down, my daughter beside me, and there below was the little frog, barely visible because we were so high up. We all made our way down the steep flight of steps to witness the fate of the little frog. My daughter and I crouched down next to her little body, still and apparently lifeless, with a wet splat mark below her.

"Oh no, Mama. Did the froggy die?" my daughter asked.

I was on the verge of tears, but held it together for the children. "I'm not sure," I said softly, with that sinking feeling I closely associate with death in my stomach. "Let's give light and see if it helps."

I then hovered my hands above the motionless little frog, and asked God to fill my hands with Healing Light and Divine Love, seeing it transfer to the frog. My daughter then followed suit, and very seriously closed her eyes, concentrating for a moment, as if to will this little frog back to life. We did this for a minute or two, as my friend, her children, and my husband stood by watching.

Then, a moment later, something incredible happened. Her little throat began inflating with air, slowly at first, and then more rapidly. The frog slowly opened her eyes, and looked right at me, and then my daughter. Another moment later, she hopped onto my lap as though in thanks, and then hopped away, toward a little fountain my friend had in her yard, where other frogs lived.

"We saved the froggy, Mama!" my daughter squealed, as holy chills ran down my entire body.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes, and I don't think anyone else could either. But there it was. The miracle frog....which made me think about the metaphor behind this experience: if we give enough love and light to something, even if we believe it broken or dead, it can resurrect. It only takes willingness, focused intention, and faith. We have to be willing to try. And when we focus our love and intentions in cooperation --- that's when the miracles happen.

Photograph By: Amy Elizabeth Dickinson

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