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Isis Eyes

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I had been living in Puna, on the big island of Hawai'i for a little more than 2 years. Life was sweet. I was in love with my Divine Partner, and he had just asked me to marry him not too long before. We had our first wedding in California on a yacht, and were planning on having our second wedding on Sumland; the farm/free state we lived on, so that our framily there could be apart of our sacred commitment. This ceremony was to be more Witchy. We had dear friends acting as High Priestess and High Priest. The Patriarch of the land, Pops, would be the preacher man who would marry us, and four other friends would call the directions and elements in the circle. Another Elder was in charge of building the circle with 5 altars, one for each direction, and one in the center, out of lava rock. My husband and I felt so loved and supported. We were set to wed on May 5th of 2009. This was in part due to the fact that I had been seeing the numbers 59 and 559 for about 2 years very consistently beforehand, and that my Spirit Guide, Helen, had told me when I asked that this was the day I would be married. And when I told my man that I wanted to have our wedding in May, he said it should be the 5th, otherwise known as 5/5/9. (Hilariously enough, my first born daughter was born on 5/9; another form of "marriage" I suppose, in terms of a lifelong commitment.)

Until that phase of my life, I had never felt so connected to my community before, or so connected to women. In southern California, where I grew up, there seemed to be an everlasting blanket of micro and macro aggressions amongst females; like it was just the norm to compete with each other and betray each other --- and I was apart of that. I participated. So it was major culture shock when I became apart of this Puna community and found my Tribe. I had never felt so held by my sisters before. These women I speak of showed me, and continue to show me the true meaning of love and friendship. They bestowed many gifts and so much wisdom around this time of transition.

In the weeks leading up to our wedding ceremony on Sumland, I was invited to join a sister circle and ritual at the High Priestess' home, with the circle for the wedding just yards away outside. We gathered as the sun was setting, and after mingling for a bit, were called into a circle. After calling in the elements and God/dess, we were asked to close our eyes. The High Priestess led us through a meditation in which we were to connect with our inner Goddess. Then we were asked to tune into which specific Goddess was wanting to work through us at that time, without expectations or too much thought. I felt nervous and didn't know what to expect. I didn't know who would come through, and felt flushed. As the High Priestess continued to speak, I heard her referring to the names of various Goddesses. She said, "Isis," and a heatwave coursed through my body. She was the one who wanted to move through me.

The High Priestess then asked us to open our eyes once we felt the Goddess was within us. I looked around at my sisters, and they all looked so beautiful, and seemed to emanate the various archetypes that they were embodying. Music began to play, and we were asked to dance with the Goddess within, moving in the ways that she was asking of us. We rose to our feet and began to dance, wild and free around the room in our circle. The next thing I knew, our clothes were laying in heaps on the floor, and everyone was in a deep trance, moving to the rhythms that could only be felt within each woman. The dancing came to a crescendo, and each woman was sweating and ecstatic; glowing with the essence of each Goddess she was channeling. I felt the loving strength and power of Isis rushing through my almost felt like I knew her, or had some ancient memory of her essence. She felt like my Mother, and she was nurturing me from within.

After the energy had peaked, we were asked the sit down, to breathe, and to ground. I could feel my heartbeat all over my glistening body, and took my awareness to my feet. Ground. Center. Breathe.

The High Priestess then asked us to go around the circle and share which Goddess came through for each of us.

"Durga," one woman said.

"Pele," said another.

"Shakti," proclaimed another in excitement.

When it came to be my turn, I looked up and met eyes with the woman who had said "Durga." I looked right at her and said, "Isis." Her eyes grew wide and her mouth was slightly hanging open, followed by a smile.

When the ritual was complete, we grounded further with food and drink. My friend who had looked at me so oddly approached me as we ate. She took me aside and explained that when I said "Isis," light beams shot out of my eyes and hit her across the room. She told me she had never seen anything like it, and that it took her breath away. I didn't know what to say, and as she explained this to me, another heat wave spread across the surface of my skin, and my heart began pounding. It was another one of those lucid moments that is so intense and so beautiful and so mysterious, it just didn't seem real. But I trusted this woman and knew it was.

Soon thereafter, my Beloved and I were wed in the stone circle, surrounded by Tribe, magick, and song. The ceremony will be etched into my heart for eternity. And a short while after that, I was introduced to a song called "Isis" by Bob Dylan. It shocked me when I heard the opening line, in which Bob Dylan describes marrying Isis on the 5th day of May. And I am happy to announce that the rest of the song in no way applies to my marriage. If you don't know the song, do yourself a favor and listen to it.

The only thing I would like to add to this is that I am no longer in the practice of summoning Gods or Goddesses unless they are fully checked out and approved of by Yeshua/Jesus because names have power and not all "Gods" and "Goddesses" serve the Highest Light. And I am thoroughly happy to announce that Isis did indeed make the cut, and is still remains a deeply nurturing force in my life.

EDIT: As of early 2020, I actually discovered that I had been decieved. Isis does not serve the highest light (I got that message wrong), and a being of the highest light will NEVER try to enter your body. I have learned a lot recently, and once I cleared Isis from my field, I felt so much lighter. You should have seen what I purged (or not lol). Anyway, there's lots of trickery and shiny false lights trying to lead us astray.

Artwork By: Myriel RAouine

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