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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Every day, more and more I find that being "authentic" has become a modern trend. And I think that it's fantastic. But I also think it's used as a way to mask false egoic constructs. If I say something completely cruel to you, because it was the most "authentic" thing I could do in the moment, it basically acts as this band-aid excuse for just being plain old mean.

But let's think about what is really authentic. Is it truly authentic to spew hatred or your projections onto someone else, or is that just a knee-jerk response? I think there is a difference between being loyal to one's trigger responses and defending them regardless of the personal cost, and truly being in touch with what the HEART has to say, for the HEART is the most intelligent and powerful organ and energy center of the body. And when we tune into the heart, speak from the heart, and act from the heart, we are essentially aligning more and more with the Higher Self: THE MOST AUTHENITC PART OF OURSELVES. I coined a phrase to describe this process as "Heart-Thenticity" and I find it fabulous.

Now, does this mean that we should just try and find the nicest things to say and be as sweet as can be, even in the face of triggers and injustice? Fuck NO. But what is being suggested here is that before we REACT, we take a breath, find that inner warrior that lives within each of us, and connect with the heart space, thereby making the most AUTHENTIC response possible. The heart doesn't always spew rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it breaths fire. Sometimes it rains for weeks on end. But it is more intelligent than any other aspect of our beings, so it must be honored and respected, otherwise we live a half-life --- an INAUTHENTIC life.

So next time you want to be authentic in your expression, I suggest you take a breath and check in with the heart; it might have a different take than your initial reaction. It might lead you to places within yourself that have been ignored or stuffed down that are in need of healing. It may make you realize that the thing you were just about to react to actually reminds you of something you never faced and dealt with as a child. And it is up to each of us to become the masters of our own energy and life. That's where the real shifts happen. That's where we really take responsibility for our lives. What could be more authentic than that?

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