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Haunted Part 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

After the initial experience at the haunted ranch, I never really heard from the man I had been trying to seduce again. I couldn't really blame him -- and who knows? Maybe he found new meaning in life and decided to more fully commit to his baby and wife, or walk whatever path he wanted to but hadn't been. I assumed being possessed would do that to a person. But this story was really just beginning for me. I was completely obsessed with this haunted space for many months to come. I went repeatedly, with various friends --- some who were brave enough to enter, and some who took one look at the place and stayed put outside on the circular drive, sometimes with a sudden chorus of frogs causing them to startle and leave.

It's hard to recall the exact order of things. It all feels like kind of a blur, especially because I was so abusive to my body at this phase of my life --- a mixture of drugs, alcohol and sex addiction can obscure total clarity. But there were several noteworthy experiences that I shall do my best to convey here...

It was the middle of the day, and I brought 2 friends with me to the haunted ranch. One was a young man, who I was, surprise, trying to seduce into being my boyfriend, and a young woman. We'll call him A and we'll call her M. The moment we arrived, we were greeted by a chorus of frogs, and both of my friends shifted uncomfortably.

We entered through the large wooden and engraved front door, and I gave them the tour. They felt the icy air as we passed the various ghosts of women trapped in the closets. I saw the same little girl ghost I had seen before, only this time she was in one of the smaller bedrooms, crouched in a corner next to a broke-down old day bed. She warned me again that I shouldn't be there and that we should leave. Though my friends couldn't see what I saw, they felt the cold in the air and felt the presence of something uncomfortable and uncanny, especially M. A was a bit more skeptical, which was totally understandable. I described to them what I was seeing, and we continued to peruse the main part of the house.

When they felt they had finally had enough, and wanted to go, we made our way for the front door. Just then, M noticed something off in the corner parallel to the front door.

"Look over's a little door," she said, squinting at a small door that was camouflaged. It was painted white like the rest of the large wall, and I hadn't noticed it before.

I went to open the door, crouched down so that I could pull it open through a little hole where a tiny doorknob must have been before, and suddenly I was startled by a loud , "oh fuck!" from A, who was just a few feet behind me, and went running out the front door as fast as he could. M and I followed him outside, where he was breathing heavily with his hands on his head, his face in disbelief.

"I don't even really believe in this stuff," he said, panting. "But someone just whispered 'Get out' in my ear...and I could feel their breath."

The 3 of us turned to look at the vast house from the circular drive, and M gasped, looking up at the little tower above the front door. She let out a small cry, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"There's a little boy and a little girl up there. They're trapped. I feel like I know them," she cried in disbelief. She was not accustomed to having visions of ghosts or spirits, or just knowing things in such an inexplicable way.

A few days went by, and A, M and I returned once again, determined to see what was behind that little door. We approached the circular drive, and I felt uneasy and afraid. I could feel something watching us, and got confirmation when the other two said they were feeling the same. This time, it almost felt as though an invisible barrier was preventing us from entering. We all agreed that something was very off, and decided to leave. Before I turned around, something caught my eye through one of the windows; the blackened figure I had seen before, accompanied by a low rumbling sound. I told them as we were entering the car, and M looked at me with the sparkle of high intuition in her eyes once again.

"There are three of them...three men. They're keeping the women and children trapped here. We have to help them," she said with tears forming in her eyes once again.

Just then I received a vision. It was M, only she was a young man, and she was living in this old ranch, only it was beautiful and new and different. It wasn't in this century. There were horses and she had loved to ride them. And those children in the tower were her children then. She had left the ranch on horseback and had never returned, because she had died away from home. I told M and she started to sob. Confirmation.

We had a job to do, only lack of experience and understanding meant that we were making our way in the dark. But seven women, three children, and a baby needed help, and three dark entities needed to be healed and sent Home as well.

A little time passed, and A, M and I decided to give it another go. We came upon the ranch house, and as per usual, were greeted by a chorus of frogs as we walked toward the front door. This time, I asked specifically for my Spirit Guide, Helen, to be present with us, and for protective circles to be placed around us.

The first thing we did was go to the little door that blended into the rest of the wall. We all took a deep breath before opening it. As it creaked open, we felt a draft coming from the other side. We crouched down to enter, and on the other side we found a wooden tunnel, obviously made for children, as we were having a very awkward time making our way through it. The tunnel moved upwards, and became more open the higher we went. We eventually came out of the tunnel into a little cylindrical room. We looked around and saw a ladder, leading up to the tower above the front door. On the rungs of the ladder were red paint drips that had already dried. We climbed up the ladder in succession, and the three of us sat in the little tower on some benches. With my third eye, I could clearly see the two children, and felt the icy chill of their presences.

The little boy wasn't wearing modern clothes; they struck me as something worn by boys in the 1800's. He had brown hair in a bowl cut, and had a sweet innocence in his eyes, with a strong serving of fear. My guess was that he was 5 or 6. He looked at M, and started to cry. I told her and she began to cry as well. She told him that we would try to help him escape. The little girl was maybe 8, with light brown hair, that curled at the ends at the center of her back. She was wearing a dusty rose colored dress with a high collar, with a frilly white apron over that. She was solemn and seemed to have checked out. I telepathically explained that we were there to help, and she glanced at me defiantly as though this was beyond arrogant, and there was no helping her.

After conveying this to A and M, A said that he felt sick and wanted to leave. We climbed out of the tower onto the roof, and made our way through one of the tall rectangular windows, through the disheveled upstairs apartment, and down the stairs. As I passed the pond beneath the Willow tree, I once again saw the reflection of the dead woman and her baby. I walked to the edge of the pond, and she showed me flashes of her death, and the deaths of the other women and children, all done ritualistically, and all because the men who did it believed it was the will of God.

She looked at me after these images came tumbling in and said, "They killed us. And they are keeping us here. We don't know how to get out."

This shook me. How COULD they get out? What could I do other than pray? My eyes welled with water as I walked away, and I telepathically told her I would try and find a solution.

That night I shared this with my roommates, who I had been filling in on our experiences at the haunted ranch house. I also told another friend, J, and he suggested we go there at night someday soon, and bring a video camera. We made a plan for that coming weekend, and one of my roommates, P, said that he'd come along, too, and see if this place really stood up to the stories coming out of it.

A few days later, M asked me if we could go back there together, just the two of us. We drove along the long dirt road in my car, uphill, and could see in every direction quite clearly. It was obvious to see when someone was coming or going, made especially easy with dust kicking up at the slightest movement. We turned up the long circular drive and parked by the pond. We got out of the car, but this time, there was no chorus of frogs to greet us. It was eerily quiet with the exception of the wind blowing through the Willow tree.

"Oh my God, Jewels, look at this!" M yelled through her hand, which was covering her mouth.

We walked over to the walkway that led to the front door. Written in red paint were the words "save us" with red baby footprints leading away from it. A chill ran up my spine as I took a closer look ---- the paint was still wet.

To be continued...

Artist: Unknown

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