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Direct Transmission from Spirit

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I was washing dishes the other day, and noticing how happy I was while doing them. This is something that has taken me years to accomplish, and now, like so many other menial tasks, has become a meditation for me. While I was scrubbing away, I felt what many refer to as "holy chills" run down my body, starting from the top of my head. This is always an indicator that I am in alignment with my Higher Self as well as Spirit/God, and that I am witnessing truth, or in this case, about to receive a message.

Then, a moment later, I was given an image of our Sun and heard the voice of God echoing in every cell of my body. This was not a voice that could be ignored, and was as clear as any other voice that might speak to me. I have weighed whether or not this message was intended for me alone, or to be shared, because it does not completely match my sense of logic (as messages from Spirit often can), and have come to the conclusion that someone somewhere may need this as well, and that this message may take on more than one meaning (as messages from Spirit often do).

Spirit said, "The Sun is the guardian of your solar system, just as all Suns are the guardians of their solar systems. It is a conscious, sentient being completely aware of itself, and is a three-dimensional hole punch into the God Matrix itself. The light and heat that you feel from the Sun is a direct representation of my Love for you. Those who fully receive My Love, and who embody Love, shall not be harmed long-term by its rays."

I was left in tears and felt as though each cell of my body were lighting up as individual suns themselves. And it got me thinking: do I fully receive Spirit's love? Do I even know how? What does that really mean? In a time when so many in the collective seem to think that the Sun is so harmful and dangerous, and that the climate is catastrophically changing and the Earth is crying out, how could this be true?

I then humbly asked to be given guidance and help in learning how to do this, and will continue to follow that guidance, knowing first and foremost that in order to receive, I must surrender to the unknown, and trust that the highest good will be done, with complete faith. This isn't everyone's walk, but as a Priestess, it is certainly mine. And as I continue to embody Love to the best of my ability, I will anchor in the Love here on Earth, that shines so brightly in our sky.

Infinite Blessings to you.

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