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Across the Bridge

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

In the Spring of last year, I was having an extremely vivid dream. This is commonplace for my life experience, and my dream life is just as, if not more, interesting than my waking life. This dream, however, held within it a man from waking life that I had never met. In my dream, I had just driven up to what looked like a strip mall. As I got out of the car, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing pajamas and laughed awkwardly at myself, as it was a regular practice for me to wear PJ's instead of clothes when I was younger (and still is on occasion). I approached the strip mall and off to the right, eyed a grand set of stairs that ascended up into the clouds. I was immediately drawn to them, and made my way over. As I climbed the stairs, I observed walls to either side of the steps; pale concrete with hexagonal holes cut out so that I could look out and see what was below as I climbed. At first it was a thickly forested area, but as I climbed higher, the clouds became thicker and that's all I could see as I peeked through the various holes. I noticed that the grand staircase was getting close to the top, and as I climbed higher, crowds of people were climbing both up and down the stairs, going about their business. Once I reached the top, I was on a long bridge, also made of the pale concrete, with walls on either side, with more hexagonal holes. I was walking beside an old man, who was moving at his own slower stride. I stopped to look out of one of the holes, and saw that the ground was nowhere to be seen; only dense white clouds. In that moment, it became clear to me that I was approaching a palace, and that it was in Romania. I had no indicators, only a "knowing" followed soon thereafter by confirmation, as I saw a grand palace atop a very steep mountain above the clouds. As I continued to make my way past crowds of people, walking for what felt like forever across the bridge, I felt the concrete beneath my feet begin to shake. I looked around and noticed that the bridge was swaying back and forth, and that people were running now. I looked to my right, and the old man was still there, looking a bit concerned. "We better pick up the pace, Old Man," I said, motioning him to run with me. We both hurried and could see the end of the bridge, and the edge of the mountain, with the palace towering over it, and when we reached the place where the bridge touched the mountain, I breathed a sigh of relief, and the old man disappeared. I walked through a grand entrance trimmed with gold, and came upon what appeared to be a concierge desk. A man with dark chocolatey skin welcomed me with a smile, and asked me for my identification. I looked down and realized once again that I was wearing pajamas, and had no wallet with me. "Um, I'm wearing pajamas. I don't have any identification," I said, mildly embarrassed. He smiled and told me not to worry. As he stepped out from behind his desk, his voice changed as he said, "We have this situation come up all the time." By the time the end of the sentence was spoken, the very dark skinned man transformed into a light skinned woman with a ponytail, wearing the same suit, and gesturing me to follow her. "Please take your time looking around at all of the beautifully appointed details," she said. I was awestruck by the art that seemed to take up every square inch of the space, and turned around to tell her, only she was gone and had been replaced by a young man, who was wearing only linen pants, with messy sandy blonde hair. He looked at me with a distinct sadness in his eyes, and pointed to his heart. "My body is failing me. I need help. Can you help me?" I started to cry, and then woke up, with a single tear running down my cheek. I thought about the dream for a minute, and felt energy coursing through my body which led me to believe that this was more than just a dream. I picked up my smartphone a short while later, and perused Instagram for a moment. After 2 pictures of landscapes, I inhaled sharply and nearly flew out of my seat. THERE HE WAS. The man who had just told me his body was failing him. And in this picture he was also wearing no shirt and looked exactly as he did in the dream. My heart was racing. Should I message this stranger and tell him of my dream, at the risk of looking like a total whack-job? Well whenever I ask myself this question, the answer is usually yes, so I went ahead and wrote him, and afterwards, stalked his Instagram page to see if perhaps I had been seeing his face previously without realizing it, and somehow he had made his way into my subconscious. I found that the majority of his posts were not pictures of him, but rather memes about astrology, as he was and is an astrologer. I pressed send after writing my message to him, half expecting to never hear back from him, so it came as another shock when he wrote back less than an hour later. He expressed that he was blown away by my message as he had been praying for days for help with his spine, shoulder, and neck, and that he felt it stemmed from a deep sadness, as the apex of his pain was just over the heart chakra on his spine. He also said that the night before he and his girlfriend had been discussing Romania because they noticed that the pasta they had eaten for dinner had been made there. Trrriiippppyyyyy! Shortly thereafter we arranged a trade; a session with me in exchange for a full astrological reading. The session was of course incredible, for how could it not be after such a mystical bridge had brought us together? He expressed that after the session, his pain was gone, and that he had gained the insight he needed to be able to move forward with more confidence. This reminds me that I'll have to check on him and see how he's been feeling....And his astrological reading touched on things about my path that no other astrologer has ever been able to pinpoint. I thank Spirit for bringing us together, and for creating the most magickal and profound experiences a girl could ever ask for. We are so blessed, and we are truly connected in more ways than we could ever imagine.

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