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Subjects to Explore:

  • Grounding

  • Centering

  • How to pray

  • Connecting with Divine Mother

  • Connecting with Divine Father

  • Connecting with the one true Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

  • Muscle testing

  • Morning/Evening Rituals

  • Synchronicity

  • Understanding Evil

  • Organization/feng shui/decluttering

  • Crystal cleaning and programming

  • Breathwork

  • Smoke purification/replacement with positive energy

  • Plants/Nature

  • Faeries/Nature Spirits

  • Movement practice

  • Intuitive eating/diet/nutrition

  • Honoring universal law of sovereignty

  • Holy chills

  • Manifestation how to’s and donts

  • Sound/singing/toning

  • Ritual Bath or Shower

  • Body oiling

  • Presence

  • Communication

  • Boundaries

  • Discernment

  • Holding space

  • Infused knowledge

  • Dream Analysis

  • False teachings, especially in religions and new age movement

  • Opening prayer

  • Closing prayer

  • Altars

  • Daily element cleansing

  • Ego deaths

  • Light healing

  • Emotional/pain/subtle/light bodies

  • Protective circles

  • Meditation styles

  • Purging

  • Surrendering

  • Divination

  • Mediumship

  • Body ho’oponopono

  • Quantum ho’oponopono

  • Inner guidance training/repatterning

  • Inner child work/soul retrieval 

  • Shadow Work

  • Candle magick

  • Working on others

  • Double check system

  • EFT

  • Stress management

  • Visualization

  • Allowing emotions

  • Holding space

  • Grieving

  • Reciprocity

  • The subconscious

  • Rebirthing

  • Core wounding and trauma clearing

  • Secondary gain

  • Angels of Christ (and their evil inversions)

  • Subconscious belief repatterning

  • Designing your intuitive healing session from start to finish

  • Brand creation/Biz upgrades & coaching

  • Clearing pain

  • Earth Angels

  • Tree/plant spirit essences for healing

  • Quantum tools

  • Timelines

  • Golden Pillars of Light protective circle

  • Shields

  • Quantum spaces

  • Scanning body and light body

  • Implant, nanotech, and bot removals

  • Understanding AI and its weaponry

  • Clearing attachments, cords, hooks, contracts, karma, vows, entities

  • Exorcism for full possession by demon or reptilian, etc..

  • Diamond Heart Chamber Activation and Templating

  • Curse removal

  • Holy vows

  • Baptism

  • Inner male and female work/Bridal Chamber/Hieros Gamos

  • Operating the energy centers of the body

  • Activating 3rd eye for enhanced intuition/clearing fear around seeing

  • Helping people cross over, including ghosts/earthbound spirits

  • Group healings/clearings

  • Child development/aiding gifted children

  • Working with couples

  • Nervous system healing

  • Visiting past lives/future lives/simultaneous lives

  • Abuse/gaslighting

  • Incarnation blueprints

  • Understanding your morphogenic field

  • Archons/Demiurge/Elites

  • Grids

  • Fields

  • Portals

  • The Other Side

  • DNA healing/Ancestors/Ancestral trauma

  • Making holy water

  • Egg magick

  • Dimensions/planes

  • Blessing food and drink/transmuting energy in food

  • Sexuality

  • The False Matrix

  • And MORE....!

Aloha & Welcome!

Are you ready to hold yourself accountable, exercise more discipline, get closer to God, enhance your natural intuitive and healing gifts and abilities, and level up every aspect of your life? Then Diamond Heart Mentorship was made for YOU. 

Below is a quick overview of what to expect by signing up as my student. Yes, feel free to call me Mrs. Miyagi. ; )

The first 4 classes are the same for everyone; these put you to the test in terms of cultivating daily practices and moving beyond your comfort zone, all for the purpose of getting you more deeply in touch with your heart, intuition, humility, and God. These introductory classes include tools that will serve you FOR LIFE, and lay a foundation for the deeper work ahead.

Once the basics are covered, we move on to the Pillars of Healing: the holistic and multidimensional components that support all avenues of intuitive healing work and self-mastery, which include, but are not limited to: Quantum Field Work, Origin Point Healing, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Nutrition, Physical Movement Practices, Nature, Ancestral Healing, DNA Recalibration, Faith Healing, Energy Center Work, Relationship Work, Healthy Communication, Inner Child/Soul Retrieval Work, etc...

Alongside this, I also offer conscious business development (if applicable), deeper mysteries around the history of Yeshua/Jesus and his companions, and TRUE manifestation tools (move aside, corrupted Law of Attraction teachings). We will learn based on a core curriculum mixed with my intuition and your ultimate goals and choices. This is YOUR experience to curate; I am here to guide you.

This program is for those who feel devoted to inner growth, union with God, to truly facing the truth within their heart, and honoring their inner guidance. This is SACRED WORK, and I have no interest in working with someone who isn't ready to go all-in on their personal development.

If you are already a Healing Facilitator or Psychic, this will offer cutting edge information and tools, as well as certain deeper mysteries that I am not permitted to openly discuss.

You can take this mentorship as far as you wish; a self-improvement and mastery course, a program to boost your business integrity and practices...or become an ordained Priestess or Priest, should you feel the call of initiation into a life devoted to God and Service (this is still in the works). It’s up to you. The only thing I ask is that whatever you decide, you do it from the heart and with a full YES.

MY ULTIMATE GOAL with this Mentorship program (as its title suggests) is to help you work your way to a place where you feel confident in your ability to self-heal and regulate, and where your heart is clear enough, so that I may safely share with you the roadmap for entering your own Diamond/Crystal Heart Chamber; the place within you that has always been of Christ, where clear and direct conversations with God happen, and where straight up miracles happen. This, plus the updating or expansion of your Diamond Heart Templating is my mission. These aren't things I give to you; you already have the ability to access these on your own, God willing. I am simply a facilitator and priestess following God's guidance to the best of my ability, and God has asked me to be one who serves others in finding this very special place within themselves. God or others who have been assigned to the same task may also reveal these things to anyone at any moment.

What’s Included and Required With Private Mentorship:

  • 1 hour of one-on-one training per week or every other week, either in person or over Zoom/video conference, which is recorded so that you may download and keep each lesson. Must be downloaded by my students within a week.

  • Homework each week 1-2 hours.

  • 3 private messages allowed per week for clarification.

  • 1 message from me every Monday, to hold you accountable to your word when it comes to daily practices

  • Students must align with Unity/Christ Consciousness aka God's original, harmonic, and organic design.

  • I must be given the green light from Yeshua/Jesus. This is to ensure that the information and practices being shared will not create fracturing within the student. We do our best to do no harm.

  • Students who wish to go beyond 12 classes must be baptized before moving forward within my Diamond Heart Chamber in order to continue. Baptism in this case represents letting go of the "sins" (all moments you acted out of alignment with God's will within your own heart) of your past, and moving forward with your Divine Purpose, connected to God, and devoted to Love.

  • Classes will be designed based on a core curriculum, my intuition, and each student’s goals and skill level. If the ultimate goal is Priestesshood or Priesthood -- a life devoted to God and service -- I am told that 2 or more years of study will be required, along with an initiation and rite of passage, as deemed by God. This initiation would be what I refer to as the Diamond Heart Chamber Master’s class, which would last for 4-8 classes. More details to come as this develops.

Diamond Heart

Mentorship Pricing:

$3,600 for 12 Classes 
$7,000 for 24 Classes
**Payment plans available**

**Space is limited to 7 students at any given time. If you are feeling the call, please reach out in the "contact" section of this site with your inquiries, or to be placed on the waiting list. 

I look forward to seeing if we are the right fit, and if so, serving you on your journey to your most authentic, fulfilled, and empowered life!

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