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**Before you schedule your next session, please read the "info/legal" section to make sure you are clear about my boundaries, and so that you know what to expect. All sessions are paid at time of scheduling in order to secure your spot. there are no refunds unless I am unable to perform my duties during our session.


Sisters and Brothers, I invite you to join a circle of beautiful, like-minded people looking to connect, deepen bonds with God, and each other, as well as receive powerful healing.  All who wish to connect with our Loving God Most High are welcome here! My friends call me Jewels. I am a mother of 2 radiant daughters, a wife to a king, a truth seeker, a high priestess/minister in Christ (God's original harmonic crystalline design), a psychic coach, mentor, and healing facilitator.


Let me be clear; I do not subscribe to a single religious ideology. The space I have created in here is rooted in each person's direct connection with our benevolent God, and yes, with Christ Yeshua, who, in my direct understanding, is the first-born son of the Most High, and offers many tools to connect with God directly, as well as the Eternal Life Architecture aka Christ Design that is each person's birthright. 

God asked me to start a church, and this is my answer to this call. This online group will act as the foundation preceding a physical gathering site, and as a place to build community with those on the quest for truth and creating heaven on earth. I have been asked to share the truth as I know it -- not to tell you what to believe, but to help you ignite a fire within, get closer to God, and discern the truth for yourself. We come together as equals in this church. No one sits atop a pedestal; we are all God's children, worthy and beloved. 

Once my husband and I purchase our homestead, we will be building a gathering place for prayer, healing, love, and connection, for all ages. My goal is to eventually include community outreach to serve those less fortunate, once our foundations are solid, including providing food to those who are hungry. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to join me in supporting this endeavor. God bless each of you and may God's will be done!


Aloha and welcome to my site! My name is Jewels. I was born with psychic and healing facilitation abilities, and have 20+ years of professional experience in these fields. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairalient, telepathic, and empathic. I have, in recent years, taken my vows directly to God as a High Priestess of the Christ (God's original harmonic crystalline design), and am on mission to help anchor in heaven on earth, and be of service to others, according to God's will.

I am continually learning, downloading new techniques, and honing my craft. I have become a highly skilled channel for healing, ranging from (but not limited to) reprogramming belief systems and templates, AI implant removal, energy field (aura blueprint) work, Akashic records access, core wound and trauma clearing, psychic surgery, soul retrieval/inner child work, physical ailment relief, home and space clearing and re-gridding, and exorcism.  I also have 20+ years of clinical hypnotherapy experience.

There is little I will not attempt to help heal, though I do not take full credit, for it is God and my clients who do the deepest work. I commune directly with Yeshua Christos (Jesus Christ of Nazareth), the Christed Angels, our Holy Mother (Holy Spirit), our Heavenly Father, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and our Sacred Elements.

I am on a Divine Quest to help others reach their highest potential, fullest authentic expression, and to more deeply connect with our loving God Most High, who dwells within their own hearts. If you hear the call, I am here to answer, according to God's will. Feel free to check out the "Testimonials" section to see for yourself why I do this work, have chosen to walk this path, and how my client's lives have been transformed for the better through this powerful work.

Many Blessings to you and all of your relations, and I look forward to connecting!

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Sessions may be done in person, over the phone, or via email. All payments are to be made at time of scheduling.

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